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AmeL* (12.07.2006)
Hi Nour!
I met you 2 times in Cairo, first in private class, then with Ketty's troup and once in Nice Festival in France.
I really love the way you dance. Each times i saw you in wedding i was marvelled at your dance.
I hope i'll see you again in Cairo or anywhere else.
AmeL* (France, Lille)
Myrto (28.06.2006)
Just wanted to say I love your dance...and your technique is wonderful!
I wish you could do a workshop in my city, Paris!

See you!

Myrto www.myrtobellydance.com
Zeina (10.02.2006)
Hi, I'm a French student and I ve been in Cairo festival in June (nilegroup), I love your way of dancing so much, u're really a great artist..It's a wonder to c u dancing.
I hope having the chance to come to one of ur workshop even if it was hard for me to follow u, I'm just a beginner
With affection
Today you are beginner, tomorrow you are master in case if you'll work hard. I will be happy to see in Cairo again!
Khalida (29.11.2005)
Hello Nour!

My name is Simone and I'm a Brasilian Belly dancer. I love you so much, your work with belly dance, your style... At this moment, I live in France and I would like to know when will you come here? I wish you happiness and a lot of sucess. God bless you!

Simone,thank you for nice words!I think trip to Brazil is more possible right now than to France.But God knows what will happen tomorrow?
Watch "Events" on eng. version.
Luis Miguel Silva (Music Maker) (08.08.2005)
Hello Nour!!! My name is Luis. Im a portuguese man. Im from Portugal. I love your dance. You are a big dancer and one of the most beautiful womans I ever saw in the world. Im very impressed. You are sooooo pretty, sooooo fine, soooooo graceful. Im also a beautiful man AHAHAHA...
Im a known musician in my country. Would you like to know my music?

Nice website!!! Im thinking to have a Website too.

I hope to see you someday in Portugal.

With my all respect.
Luis,thank you for nice words!
What kind of music you play?
Once I wish to visit Portugal
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