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naima yazbek (03.12.2006)
Hello dear Nour! Beautiful pictures and videos! Congratulations!
I hope you remember me! I was in So Paulo, Brazil in that event in May on which you had performed, called Mabruk!
Actually I was one of your interpreters, Naima Yazbek. In the last day I gave you my dVD, a type of a portfolio of my dance, with the red cover... (I hope you had watched and liked a little tiny bit at least... take it as a non pretensious historical record of my dancing, some images from the beggining and some others more updated).
Well, then I became a big fan of you and wanted to say hello all the time, but was waiting to write you when my website (that is on now) would be done with the translation to the english... And is still being translated, but I just wanted to say hello and to know if the rest of your trip went fine... Cause you were not very lucky with the sound conditions at your show, we were all very sorry about that... that was awful for you, you were very disappointed with Brazil I guess... And in the same week we had that terrible attacks in the street over the policemen... too bad, scary. Well, its not like that anymore, unfortunately by the week you were here it was the worst situation ever.
I passed in the hotel a few days after and left a note (terrible to understand, such a small piece of paper...) to invite both of you to go out in a party, but I think you were busy or have had enough of Brazil, I guess...
How is everything going in Egypt? I hope I can visit it again soon! I love it so much!!! Would like to see you performing there. What about the festivals? You said 3 times a year there will be this festival that you are envolved with it!
All the best for you! Whenever you are not too busy drop me a line! And if you come back, I would be happy to help you or take for any sightseeing, or anything!
A big kiss from Brazil for you and Yasser!
Naima Yazbek
visit: www.naimayazbek.com
alberto (25.09.2006)
gent.ma Nour
auguri dall'Italia.
ti ho vista in internet e sei bravissima e bellissima
Michael (26.08.2006)
Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP
Karina Fonseca Ramrez (18.08.2006)
Hi, Nour, im from Colombia. Pardon my english. I like a lot of your style of dance. I would like know how i can to do for getting a video about your class. Here in Colombia there are some academys,,but i dont like,,because i dont believe in the cuality. there are some posibility that get your video class.?. Thanks..since Bogot Colombia. South America.
spankzilla (11.08.2006)
This is one of the most interesting sites I have ever seen
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