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Nour Dance Academy

Nour Dance Academy
Dear friends! 
Are pleased to announce the long-awaited event: 

With the support of ARWA association this fall in Moscow starts his day job 

«Nour Dance Academy» 

Teachers Academy 

Nour - recognized international star Raks el Sharqi and teacher of international renown, for many years one of the leading dancers Egypt - Hollywood of the Arab world, who teaches and performing on Egyptian festivals and festivals of belly dance on all continents (except Antarctica, of course) . 
Nour teaches Raqs el Sharqi more than twenty years - from the moment that created her first eastern group of dancers. 
Nour wonderful teacher and choreographer, her students are dancing on the stages of Russia and the world, won a competition of Arabic dance, and her performances are very popular. 
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The main surprise - the teacher direction in the Arab dance rhythms - 
Yasser Alswery

A professional singer and songwriter, gorgeous music arranger ; homeland in Syria took a course in piano (Arabic org), graduated from the School of Music in Arabic vocals, as well as the game on the oud and percussion Arab national (tabla, dhola, rows, Mazhar, a rack). 
He is a member of the prestigious Music Syndicate of Egypt, brought together in the numbers of highly educated artists and music makers as Egypt and some other Arab countries that have passed rigorous professional selection. 
High demand in the world as a singer and as a teacher of rhythms, as well as director and teacher of Arabic dance in the Middle East. 
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 Katerina Joumana - Fundamentals of classical dance teacher 
Joumana began studying dance at age 5 in Model Studio of Classical Dance "Elegy" (Baikonur) and graduated in 1997 
Arriving in Moscow, began working ballet dancer in the Moscow State Music Hall, and continued to improve in dance, studying modern dance, contemporary dance and dance technique release. In addition to the classic style of dance individually with teachers for 11 years. 
In 2006, began practicing oriental dance, in 2008, created a group of oriental dance "Joumana show" successfully performing at top venues in Moscow and other Russian cities. 
He is currently a student at the Feldenkrais Institute in Vienna (Austria), where he studied somatic techniques for working with the body. 
Oriental dance competitions: 
1st place - Festival Heshk Beshk, Italy, in December 2010, solo classics 
1st - 3rd Moscow International Festival of Assembly, October 2008 
1st - 7th International Oasis Festival, October 2008 - solo show 
1st - 7th International Oasis Festival, October 2008 - solo classics 
1st place - Russian Championship Oriental Dance, May 2008 
1st - All-Russian competition of the League of Belly Dance, May 
1st place - Russian dance festival of Oriental dance, 
December 2007 
2nd Place - The Second Moscow International Festival of Assembly, October 2007 
3rd place - International Competition Belly Dance Oasis Festival, March 2008. 

Anastasia Chernovskaya - teacher Raqs El Sharki 
Anastasia - professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, winner of major international competitions and festivals Bellydance professionals, including: 
-Nile Group festival (Cairo, Egypt) 
-Tariq El Nougoum (Moscow, Russia), Egypt, 
-Barcelona (Barcelona, ​​Spain) 
-El Fan El Arabi (Novosibirsk, Russia) and others. 
Teaching experience - 8 years, during this time, Anastasia was the leading teacher and head of the School of Dance Ensemble Tatiana Konovalova (Tomsk) - one of the best schools of oriental dance in Siberia, as well as a guest choreographer at the Children's dance group Obraztsova Gloria (Kolpashevo). 
At the moment, Anastasia is the Art Director of the School of dance Bellyrina (Tomsk) and leader of the ensemble of the school. 
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Nour Dance Academy announces admission to the group 

Adult fans (starting date - September 2013) 
Pros - amateurs - mixed class (classes start - October-November 2013) 

The educational process involves comprehensive training in the following areas: classical and modern Raks el Sharki, Arabic folklore, dance rhythms in Arabic, the basics of classical dance. 

The system of training and the cost of subscriptions for a month: 
Group Adults lovers: 
8:00 El Raks Sharki + 2:00 + Fundamentals of classical choreography 2:00 Rhythms of the Arab dance 
Cost Cost: 5000 ruble (12 hours per month) 
One-time occupation: 1000 rub 
Group Pros and amateurs mixed class: 
8:00 El Raks Sharki + 2:00 + Fundamentals of classical choreography 2:00 Rhythms of the Arab dance 
Lift ticket: 5500 rub (12 hours per month) 
One-time occupation: 1300 rub 

Schedule for Fall 2013: 
3,10,17,24 September 

19.00 - 21.00 - Adult Amateur - teacher Nour 
One-time class (one hour) 1000 rubles 
Room number 4 

8.29 in September 
12.00 - 14.00 - Adults - professionals and amateurs (rhythms - the teacher Yasser Alswery  / classic - a teacher Catherine Joumana)
One-time class (one hour) 1000 rubles 
Room number 10 

Wednesday (October schedule): 
20.00 - 22.00 - Mixed class - the Pro - fans - teacher Nour 
One-time class (one hour) 1300 rubles 

Address, where the classes at the Academy: 

Moscow, Malaya Ordynka d.25 

Dance - Training Gold & Dance Center is located in a separate building within a five minute walk from the metro station "Tretyakov," "Novokuznetsk" and "Glade". 

Forum topic:  

Classes began, but you can join the group on Wednesdays! 

Any questions, recording sessions and pay a subscription for 

Or by phone: +7 926 2042031 (Administrator Elena) 
Application Form 

1. name and surname 
2. region, city 
3. e. address, telephone number 
4. group 
5. month and day of birth