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Nour and Yasser Alswery in Minsk, Belarus!

May 31 -June 1, 2014

Natalia and Oleg Tarasov present

6 unforgettable work shops from 
Nour (Egypt-Russia) and Yasser Alswery (Egypt-Syria)

Place: Minsk, Belarus

May 31 (Saturday)
1. Drum solo choreo - Nour
2. Secrets of Arabic rhythms and technique - Yasser Alswery
3. Khaligi choreo - Nour

June 1 (Sunday)
1. Classic oriental Raqs el Sharqi choreo - Nour
2. Baladi improvisation - Nour (assisting Yasser)
3. Lecture from Yasser and Nour how to dance with life music (orchestra) and about often mistakes dancers do

Registration to work shops at email:  koshechka1@bk.ru