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                                               THE TRIAL

The serious trial for Association was the Law No. 136 dated 20.07.2003 promulgated by the Minister of Labor of Egypt Ahmed El Ammaway concerning prohibition for foreigners to work in different branches of Egyptian economy. Foreigners (including foreigners of Arabic countries) were prohibited to perform oriental dance Raqs El Sharqi, which is well known as belly dance from the common interpretation, in Egypt. The Law was promulgated in the press on the 2nd August 2003.

The President of Association of foreign Artists in Egypt, Yasser Al-Swery, in common with citizen of Russia, famous Egyptian dancer Nour, who is the head of Oriental section of Raqs El Sharqi in Association, brought an action against Minister of Labor of Egypt on the 20th of September 2003, they considered that promulgated law (in part of prohibition of work of foreigner dancers of Raqs El Sharqi in Egypt) is contradicting The Rights of Human, declared by Organization of United Nations, and laws of Arabic Republic of Egypt. Caroline Ivanoff, who is the citizen of Australia, joined them later. Civil action was accepted for consideration by court "Magles El Daulia ("Country's meeting") - it means Constitutional Court of Egypt -  N 3208-57.

Egyptian lawyer Mohammed Ismail Abd El Gilil, who is a member of Egyptian branch of Human's Rights, presented interests of plaintiffs.

There were the following arguments of plaintiffs, namely: foreign dancers receive working paper, which is called "Moussanafat", from the Ministry of Culture and only this Ministry has the right to permit or prohibit the foreigners to work in Egypt. Besides, there is precedent, which confirms the monopolistic right of the Ministry of Culture on the foreign dancers, who are working in Egypt. Several years ago the Minister of tourism of Egypt tried by law order to receive the right to manage foreign dancers of belly dance, who were working at that time mainly in tourist’s entertaining centers. The Minister was refused the suit.

After the 2nd of December 2003 the suit of the Association of foreign Artists in Egypt in the person of both Yasser Al-Swery and two dancers (Nour and Caroline Ivanoff), who were working in the country, was submitted for consideration.

Unfortunately, being at that time in Egypt foreign dancers, whose rights were infringed by the Law No. 136, did not want to support the suit because of several reasons (at that time there were 25 foreigners including Arabs. The prohibition was not applied to the dancer, who worked in Hurgada and Sharm el Sheikh). But a  majority of foreigners took an active part in the spread campaign, which was conducted in press, because of initiative of the Association (Yasser Al-Swery and Nour) at the same time of the suit. To their honor only one foreign dancer, Souraya, appeared openly in print having support the Law about the prohibition of work of foreign dancers. Newspaper campaign has shown that a majority of Egyptian press supported the fight of Association and two foreign dancers in defence of their rights.

Because of long court examination in Egypt one of the plaintiffs’ claim was to suspend the action of the Law No. 136 concerning the prohibition of the work for foreign dancers Raqs El Sharqi in Egypt for a time of consideration of suit in the Court "Magles el Daulia". Plaintiffs were refused this. 

Meantime the campaign in mass media was carrying on just widely. Participating in this campaign foreigners were interviewed not only by Egyptian TV channels, but also by foreign TV channels and leading information agencies of the world such as

Reuters, France Press, Al Arabia, Middle East, BBC radio and a lot of other. 

On the 28th of August 2004, not waiting for a decision of the Court, the Minister of Labor of Egypt canceled (extracted) the prohibition of the work for the foreign dancers Raqs El Sharqi from the Law No. 136 dated 20.07.2003 according to No.227 . This decision of Minister of Labor was made public in all key newspapers of Egypt.

Artistic activity

In September- October 2005 International Association of Artists in Egypt has organized small tour of Yasser Al-Swery, Nour and Egyptian dancer Tito. 

On the 30th of September Yasser Al-Swery, Nour and Tito performed a concert in concert hall “Moskvich” in Moscow.

On the 1st and 2nd of November Tito and Nour organized master-classes.

On the 8th and 9th of October artists participated in Gala-Show of the 2nd International Festival “Flower of Asia” in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). Nour and Tito organized master-classes.


On the 14th of October Yasser Al-Swery, Nour and Tito performed concert, which was organized by TOSO, in Samara.

On the 15th and 16th of October Tito and Nour organized master-classes

In February-March 2006   International Association of Artists in Egypt has organized tour of Egyptian Legend dancer and choreographer – Mahmoud Reda and Lebanese teacher and choreographer – Gaby Shiba to 1 International Festival of Oriental Dance and Competition in Moscow (Russia) and 1 Open Festival of Oriental Dance - "Bastet"-  and Competition in Ukraine, Donetsk. Mahmoud Reda  was at the head of judges at both Festivals. Gaby Shiba, Nour and Yasser Al-Swery had come into the judges to. In the framework of Festivals Mahmoud Reda gave 4 workshops, Nour and Gaby Shiba – 3 workshops (each one). Nour, Yasser Al-Swery and Gaby Shiba performed in Gala-shows in one of most beautiful  

Moscow concert hall and on scene of Opera House in Donetsk