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I stayed because of my love to dance

Nour and Yasser are an expressive duo. She is a famous dancer, he is a famous singer. He saved her from death, they fell in love and got married, they live happily and dream of having children. This is not a bollywood film scenario, it’s a real story, the main character in which is an ordinary girl from Moscow.

I married my savior-angel

So her name was Tatyana Fedyaeva. From her childhood she was fond of Uzbek dancing, then Indian dancing and later she switched to oriental dance. She went to
Egypt to see the motherland of this form of art. And stayed there to live and work.

- I was well accepted by audience from the very beginning. Russian dancers are very industrious ones – says Nour.

In Egypt Nour met a Syrian young man Yasser Al Souvery. At that time Yasser was quite famous as a singer. He was fond of Nour from the first moment but she seemed not to answer him at first. The truth is she didn’t have time for romance in her first years in
Cairo because a European needs many many years of practice to master the technique of oriental dance. The managers made Tatyana work very hard in exhausting regime. She didn’t have days off. She was totally exhausted. During one of her performances she hardly managed to go backstage where she fainted.

She was taken to hospital where she got serious medical treatment. And here was the moment when Yasser became Nour’s savior. He found the blood needed, and he ‘saved’ Nour from ‘overcareing’ doctors who insisted on operation.

- If a European works with much physical activity in a hot country, he has a high risk of loosing too much water in his body, especially if he doesn’t drink enough for some reason. I didn’t realize what was going on with me at once, I was just very often seek, fainty. I didn’t want to eat because of the heat and my hemoglobin was very low (just 51). I owe really much to mdm Amira al Kattan who helped to call the doctors to take me to hospital. We normally have 6 litres of blood in our bodies. In hospital I was given 4 litres of Egyptian blood cause my level of water in the body was extremely low. – remembers Nour

After this story Nour became Yasser’s wife. She took islam and changed her name to Nour. Before that this name was just a stage name.

- My new name is translated from Arabic as “light” and the best compliment for me is when Egyptian audience say: “Nour alya Nour” which means “Nour you’re really the light” – says Nour. – And I’m not very religious and I took islam mostly for my children cause if something happens to yasser I want them to stay with me and not be given to husband’s family.

Zafira Tanatarova, 2005. Siberian news.
Translated by Karima